Wallets Password Recovery Service
Returning "lost" property to its "owner"
Top security team
High performance software
Proprietary cracking algorithm
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Service Process
Humanized service charge, if the crack is successful then charge the service fee for wallet password cracking, if the crack is not successful then no service fee.
Service Advantages
High Performance
Leverages high performance GPU clusters + deeply optimized password recovery algorithms for solving
Authoritative brand endorsement to ensure asset security
Proprietary algorithm
Proprietary password dictionary arrangement algorithm covers a wider range of processing better
Professional Team
Professional team from Knownsec who has been working on security for 14 years
Authoritative experts
Domestic authoritative experts in cryptography to help password retrieval
Hash Encryption
Hash encrypted wallet files to ensure the security of transmission and wallet funds
Frequently FAQ
What are the wallets that currently support password retrieval?
We support BTC, ETH, LTC Wallet, Imtoken and other types.
How do I retrieve my wallet password?
Click the Inquire Now button at the top, select the inquiry item for wallet password retrieval and leave your contact information, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the service details with you.
What should I do if my wallet file is corrupted?
Even if the wallet file is corrupted, we can still try to recover the information from the corrupted wallet file to retrieve the digital assets.
How can I guarantee the security of my wallet during the cracking process?
We do not touch the customer's wallet file in the cracking process, the customer uses the tool to extract the hash to the engineer to crack, the wallet security is fully guaranteed.
Should I give up cracking?
We do not recommend giving up cracking, we will continue to improve the hardware and software and cracking methods, and continue to crack the wallet, most of the wallet password can be recovered.