Let mankind enter
a safe
blockchain world.
Focus on blockchain ecological security
Knownsec Blockchain Lab focusing on the ecological security of blockchain. It has 9 years of experience in blockchain enterprise security services and a core security research team composed of 10 international top blockchain security experts. Team members have built a world-class safety project. Knownsec Blockchain Lab has become an international blockchain security head company. At present, it has served more than 4000 high-quality blockchain enterprises and projects. Its customers are distributed in more than a dozen major countries and regions, and has prepared more than 100 research reports on blockchain security vulnerabilities.
Knownsec Blockchain Lab focuses on building a blockchain security ecosystem. The team takes digital asset technology security, risk control security and anti hacker as the starting point, provides a comprehensive security scheme for blockchain nodes and the general public, and is committed to bringing mankind into a safe blockchain world.
Our Philosophy
Knownsec Blockchain Lab has always put building an ecological service capability in an important strategic position of the company, and is committed to the security solution of the whole life cycle of the blockchain system to realize the full scene coverage in the field of blockchain security. At the same time, we will closely follow the national strategy, deeply cultivate technology and devote ourselves to research, so as to ensure the safety of China's blockchain technology application and industrial innovation.
Knownsec Blockchain Lab has an international first-class professional technical team. The team members have worked in many famous network security manufacturers at home and abroad, with an average of more than 8 years of security research and development experience, and many members are famous security experts in China.
Knownsec Blockchain Lab is willing to share its achievements and technologies with partners and jointly contribute to China's blockchain security.
Honor wall
Knownsec Blockchain Lab has actively participated in the promotion of blockchain security industry standards and national standards, and participated in the preparation of national standard research project 'technical security requirements for blockchain services', national team standard research project 'NFT platform and product evaluation' and CSA 'smart contract security test standard'. It is a CSA certified training unit for blockchain professionals, Led the preparation of CSA GCR white paper on digital wallet security development and application practice, and released the industry's hardware wallet security audit rating form.
In terms of blockchain technology security, risk control security and anti hacker security, it maintains the leading core competitiveness in China.